Gold Coast Master Builder's & Allied Trades Social Golf Club Inc.

The Gold Coast Master Builders and Allied Trades Social Golf Club was formed in 1995 after playing as members of the Queensland Master Builders Social Golf Club for many years.  The Coast players joined with the Brisbane team to represent Queensland in the
M.R. Hornibrook Interstate Golf Tournaments until the breakaway in our own right. 
Gold Coast fielded a team of 13 players at our first independent Hornibrook Tournament in 1996 at Newcastle.  In 1997 saw this as our second appearance and our first victory at Launceston in Tasmania.  We backed this up in Sydney in 1999 with our second win, with another two wins in 2014 and 2015.

Games are held each month at various golf courses on the Gold Coast.  Each year we have a club competition against the Brisbane Master Builders Golf Club.  For a chance to play golf at some of the leading Coast courses at reduced rates please consider joining.

Membership is available to all members of the public.  Games are played monthly on a selection of top golf courses on the Gold Coast.  Each year the club travels to the interstate tournaments throughout Australia, whilst every seventh year the Gold Coast hosts the prestigious H.R. Hornibrook Cup. 

In October 2016 the H.R. Hornibrook Cup will be held at the Hunter Valley in Newcastle.